Wednesday, June 24, 2009

King Quilt pt. 6

Working outdoors has really cut into my sewing time; but I am determined to complete the King Quilt by fall. Here is a pile of stitched strips, 20 sets in all, needing to be ironed so they can be cut into blocks.Last month, for our anniversary, Pat gave me a Naomoto industrial strength iron. Yesterday I ironed all 20 sets of stitched strips with my new iron.
The iron works great! It has a nice feel to it and the steam feature is wonderful; no unwanted water spitting when you least expect it.
The water for the steam is stored in a gravity fed container and seeps through a filter system at the bottom of the container.
I really like how well the iron handles; it is very different from other irons I have used.
After all the ironing was complete I cut the stitched strips into more quilt blocks.
I now have 46 of the 90 blocks needed for the quilt.


Texas Mom said...

Very nice! Is that an IV hooked up to your iron??

Ann said...

Very nice! You are over halfway there! And I had to laugh at your getting an iron for your anniversary. When my daughter was 10, some one asked her what she got Mom for Mother's day. When she informed him an iron, he raised his eyebrows and had this funny look on his face. I said, "but I use an iron for my quilting, NOT for clothes usually" LOL. He wasn't quite convinced that I loved it as a gift! I think only a fellow quilter could understand!

Anonymous said...

That quilt is going to be gorgeous.. and I love your new iron..
I agree with Ann, it takes a quilter or seamstress to understand how important an iron is.

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