Monday, June 22, 2009

Orchard Park

This morning I mowed a path in the last weed filled area in the orchard. The old dead weeds were so tall and thick it made pushing the mower almost impossible.
When Pat got home this evening he and Elizabeth drove over the dry dead weeds several times with the big tractor;
Breaking them just enough to make it easier for me to finish the mowing.
The only area left to be cleared now is one edge; this edge will have to be cleared using the weed eater and that is Pat's job.
Keeping the orchard maintained should be petty easy since all the grass and weeds are short and tender.
I love how the orchard looks, it reminds me of a park so I have decided to name it "Orchard Park".


Texas Mom said...

You guys sure have been working hard. I need to pay you all a visit to see the changes.

7 D's said...

Very Nice...!!

belinda said...

Way to go, we love all the rain we get...but it sure makes it hard to maintain our
'yards' doesn't it. When you live in the country there is no stopping point as to where your
'yard' ends or begins!!

Ann said...

Push mowing that mess? GF, WHY not a rider? You have a lot more "umph" than I have! But it all looks great! Enjoy! (What kind of fruit trees are in your orchard?)

Anonymous said...

Looks very nice Patty.

QuiltedSimple said...

What a big job with a push mower. Looks fantastic though!

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