Monday, July 20, 2009

Fresh Garden Corn

The leaves on a lot of the corn we have planted has started drying; this has me concerned a little so I decided to pick an ear to see how it looked. Two green worms were feasting on the corn kernels.
I promptly fed the worms to the chickens;
And put the cob in the steamer.
Although the cob was not very plump, it was very tasty. The kids and I shared this one little cob and enjoyed every bite.


Anonymous said...

I would say it's ready to eat.. it has hit and miss kernels from lack of steady rain and that happens a lot of times with corn.

Texas Mom said...

Great snapshot of the hungry worm! I thought about growing corn myself... I can only imagine what my neighbors would think... chickens running around, I'm barefoot, cornstalks...


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