Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rain Rain Glorious Rain

I'm so excited...we have had rain for most of the day! Not real heavy rain but a very nice steady rain; just right for soaking into the ground. My garden is loving it just as much as I am.
My cucumbers are doing so much better now that I have been watering them twice a day; the leaves look better and the plants are blooming once again.
I planted more cucumbers just in case these do not make it; and I planted dill too. Hopefully I will be able to make some pickles before the garden season is over.


Anonymous said...

it is really looking good now..
I know you live in a sandy area but every time I see your red soil it tickles me.. ours is so brown compared to yours.

Packrat said...

Glad you received some much needed moisture. Hope your garden perks up and the new plants do well.

Texas Mom said...

Wow, watering twice a day. That's probably what I need to do. I only do once in the morning. Mine aren't doing so well...

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