Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Bye Old Friend...Hello New Friend

For the past year I have been saving the egg money and saving my sewing money while Jonathan has been saving his paychecks from his part time job at Tech. We needed another auto since sharing my explorer was getting too hard; either Jonathan was always waiting on me or I was having to wait on him. So, after searching, pricing and comparing autos we made a decision yesterday; Jonathan will get my well loved and cherished explorer;And I will drive this very pretty, very plush smooth driving Buick La Sabre.
We are both happy with our new autos... especially Jonathan since he gets to keep most of the money he saved!


Texas Mom said...

Very nice! Now you can save on gas with the car. PS) Bet we'll be seeing you in the SUV next month! CAMPING TRIP!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous car!!!
A lot like Jo Marie's other then she had the Buick Park Avenue and her's is cream colored.
They are definitely smooth riding and lots of gadgets on them.
You're going to love it for sure.

Ann said...

Very pretty! I LOVE my old buick. It's a 99 Skylark and I miss it. Son's car is in the shop, so he's had my car for the last few weeks. I've been driving the Chevy Equinox that hubby insisted we buy. I like it, but I love my buick. Wouldn't trade it in, so hubby caved and let me keep it so I'd cave and agree to get a newer vehicle.

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