Friday, July 3, 2009

Garden Mystery Solved!

My mystery plant has turned out to be yellow squash. Today, while out on an errand, I spotted a very nice garden full of yellow squash plants identical to mine. So, how did I end up with squash seeds instead of cucumber seeds?It seem the fault lies in the nursery where I purchased the cucumber seeds; they buy their seed in bulk and repackage them into small zip lock bags. Somehow they wrote the wrong name on the bag.
We do not like squash but I know my chickens will love it!


belinda said...

...LOL...Oh Patty!!! What's wrong with you...everybody likes squash??? I was going to guess maybe a cantaloupe vine!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky chickens!! we LOVE squash.. wish you could send some our way.
BTW daughter dearest.. I must have did something wrong when I taught you to garden.. you should have realized those seeds were too big to be cucumbers ;-)

Texas Mom said...

Oh yum, squash!!!

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