Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To Work As Usual

Last night, around the time I was looking forward to going to bed early, Pat asked me if I wanted to set up a divider in the chicken yard so we could move the baby chickens from the portable pen into the bigger pen. I wanted to say "NO, I'M TIRED"! But I didn't, instead I helped until after dark setting up a divider and then clipping wings on 100 baby chickens.
This morning as I was watching the baby chickens enjoying their new space I sure was glad we moved them and got it over with.


Anonymous said...

With all the work you've done this summer you must be in great physical shape.

Texas Mom said...

Well, I love your pen. Sure wish I could squeeze something that big in my backyard! THANKS AGAIN for the eggs. We're enjoying them. I have an egg a day with toast and honey.

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