Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Bye Austin, Hello Home

Our trip was fun but oh am I tired! While in Austin we visited The Natural Gardener again; This place has the best ideas for a home garden.
I saw several plants protected from the sun with a thin net;
I like how this netting combined with PVC was used to cover small areas; but I am not sure this type of set up would work in my area during strong winds.
I love how grapes are used to shade this walk way; I hope to make one of these sometime in the future.
On our way back home we stopped in Abilene to visit some friends.
When we arrived home everyone pitched in to gather the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers.
I will be back in the kitchen bright and early tomorrow morning canning green beans once again.


7 D's said...

Welcome back home Patty!! I hope I can get to see you tomorrow night. Erin found our first eggs, so exciting!! Get some good rest!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun and are home safe.. don't work too hard

belinda said...

Oh how wonderful....I would LOVE to see this garden place!!

Texas Mom said...

Look at the bucket of veggies! I would say you are lucky, but I know it took some hard work. Good job!

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