Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Orchard Fence pt. 3

Today was hot but after church we managed to accomplish more work on the fence. We put up a second 100-foot section but still lack many of the t-posts.
We also put up a single gate;
And a double gate.
The last of the larger fence post have now been set in concrete so the remainder of the fence should go faster. Hopefully this job will be finished before Jonathan starts back to Tech later this month; having him help makes a big difference.

Each time I step back and take a good look at the orchard I get excited for the chickens; they are going to love having so much space.


7 D's said...

This is comming out nicely Patty, the chikens are going to be so happy...I know you are already!

Anonymous said...

Its going to be pretty big isn't it?
Those chickens are going to be so happy and have lots of fun running around in there eating all the bugs.

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