Sunday, August 16, 2009

Roaring Spring

Recently the kids and I went to visit family in Roaring Spring.
While there we went to the country club to swim; the pool is kept full by a running spring.
The spring is small but very charming as it gently flows down hill;
Forming a waterfall right before reaching the pool.
All around the pool grows beautiful trees and plants. This Elephant ear was my favorite.
The pool water is 65-degrees and so refreshing on a hot summer day!


Anonymous said...

Pretty and looks like fun.. wouldn't mind having that in my backyard.

belinda said...

Oh Patty.....I grew up going to Roaring is so different now from what it was then...they have let alot of it grow up and where we used to camp and walk down the creek is all grown up and you can't even see it anymore...that was back before it became a private membership club...down the road from there is Matador...and 10 miles from there is where our lakehouse is....what did Elizabeth think about the
C-O-L-D water in the pool!!!

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