Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Walk Through My Garden

As we enter the garden you will see one of my green bean plants; it seems when I planted my green beans I ended up with not only bush beans but pole beans too. So, with the left over small pieces of fence from the orchard project I have been making trellises.Here is one of my many new cucumber plants; after my first plants almost died I planted more since we love eating cucumbers.
This is one of the pole beans attaching itself to one of the tomato stakes.
Our shade cover looks like a success; today I found newly emerging lettuce and radishes.
And I recently discovered a potato coming up in the garden; apparently I overlooked a potato when I was harvesting my corp.
This is popcorn I decided to plant at the last minute; I am hoping some ears will make before we get our first freeze.
And here is the largest ear of corn I have seen so far in my corn patch.
We have lots and lots of watermelon growing in the garden.
And lots and lots of pumpkins;
Many of the pumpkins are already orange.
Here you can see how the pumpkin and watermelon are taking over the garden.
One of the pumpkin vines began growing across the top of the corn and produced a pumpkin that was hanging in mid air; it has been slowly sagging to the ground as the pumpkin gets heavier.The tomato plants are really getting full of tomatoes.
I found wax beans marked 10-cents a package and decided to plant them in hopes they will produce before the first frost; they have been growing very quickly.
And here is some dill; I tried to plant this in the garden but it wouldn't come up so I started some in doors and it is doing great.

I am hoping to make pickles with fresh dill before the garden season is over.


Anonymous said...

It all looks so beaufiful

Ann said...

Wow, your garden looks great. Good luck with the crops. I canned til I was sick of canning this year.

thehomespunheart said...

Wow, your garden is beautiful - those pumpkins are enough to make me jealous - we've never had a single one though our plants do great!



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