Friday, October 2, 2009

Creative Leftovers....Bar-b-que Sandwich

What does one do with leftover bar-b-que ribs? One makes a chopped bar-b-que sandwich!
Begin by slicing the ribs it into small pieces.
Next put the pieces in a pan with a little bar-b-que sauce;
And heat on low; stirring often.
Once the meat is warm pile it onto a burger bun;
And add the top.
I was amazed at how good this sandwich was the first time I made it. The flavor and texture was as good as any sandwich I have purchased in the past...only my sandwich was cheaper!
I just love it when I come up with a creative way to serve leftovers!


Anonymous said...

You're making me hungry and I just ate :)

Terri S said...

If only we ever HAD any leftover barbecued ribs! My kids (all grown and out on their own) have some kind of radar that tells them when Dad is barbecuing ribs, cuz they all show up for dinner and clean us out!!

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