Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

My day began very early this morning with my turkey going into the roaster. I like to cook it slow until the meat falls off the bones.
As soon as it cools enough to handle all the meat is removed from the bones.
The turkey will be served on this platter along with ham on Thanksgiving day.
After I finished the meat I began washing celery and removing the leaves. This year the celery stalks were on sale for 39-cents each.
I added all the leaves, along with onions, to my stock pot of bones. This boiled for a few hours and produced a very rich stock.
Here is just some of the stock.
While the stock simmered I began chopping celery;
And carrots;
Which were mixed together in a large pan.
All the celery and carrots were then canned with broth for my own homemade "soup starter".
I am now exhausted but very pleased with all that has been accomplished so far.


Anonymous said...

That's going to make some good soup

Enid said...


Texas Mom said...

Wow, great job. I was surprised you cooked your turkey so early! Our's is going in the roaster tonight!

Packrat said...

What a good idea to cook the turkey early! That soup looks so good even though I'm so full. I will boil the caress tomorrow and send the broth home with my daughter.

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