Friday, December 25, 2009

The Orchard on Christmas Day

This morning when we went to check on the chickens I noticed for the first time how the snow drifted along the north fence in the orchard.

The chickens are not happy with all our snow but the trees will benefit greatly come spring.


Enid said...

I had to fight my gate to the chickens for a much snow 2 or 3 feets of snow before and after the year I need to do something different!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful picture!!!
We only got a bit of flurries today, otherwise its only been raining.

Packrat said...

Amazing. You have snow; we don't. There isn't even very much in the mountains. At least the roads have been good for travelers.

Packrat said...

PS How did Elizabeth like her Raggedy Ann doll?

belinda said...

Woo too!! Yes...we got
lots of 'free' water for our trees

Texas Mom said...

Lucky you! I'd give anything to build a snowman. Not to mention, I'd rather be tracking snow in my house than that nasty mud we've been getting from all that rain. Oh well (sigh) can't complain, we've been in a drought!!

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