Thursday, February 4, 2010

College Life Woes

Look what happens when your son opens the door to his Explorer and his backpack, filled with books and his laptop, falls out onto the ground.The accident occurred a few months ago and we thought all was well...until last week when his computer screen began changing.
A new laptop was needed in a's a good thing Jonathan had money saved from his part time tutoring job!


Packrat said...

Ouch - I know for a fact that a new screen is terribly expensive. Then, what if it was the mother board that was the problem or the hard drive was damaged? Good call just to get a new one. J will be more careful next time, huh? Poor Jonathan.

Hint: When traveling with computers and sewing machines (delicate electronics), please wedge them in so that they don't fall or bang around. Even having them tip over in the car isn't good for them. My favorite sewing machine "crashed" inside the car, and it never worked right again.

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Do you still have his old MBP? It looks like a failing graphic card. I had a similar problem and Apple has had to extend the warranty to 3 years for the graphics cards because of a high rate of failure. I had to take mine twice to get tested, but they finally replaced it with a new one at no charge.

Helen Ruth said...

That's exactly what happened with Pamela's laptop. She was walking down the hallway with it open and running a program and dropped it! Boy did she get a chewing out. Fortunately Alan collects laptops and she's back in business again with another one, but not without a price... "DON'T HOLD IT LIKE THAT!" (((BE CAREFUL!!))

Sorry for Jonathan's laptop. I'm sure he was hoping his saved money was for something else!

Anonymous said...

What a shame.. but its a heads up for all of us to be more careful

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