Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Grass is Always Greener

The grass is always greener.....under the tall weeds!
We have been without a working mower since spring. After changing the oil and gas, replacing the spark plug and starter wire our poor mower developed a problem with a screw that holds the air filter on; and the mower isn't worth putting a lot of money into.It seemed to me that if we could find another way to hold the the air filter cartridge in place then the mower might give us another season before something else went out. After a little brain storming this is what we came up with. I stitched some webbing together and placed it over the cartridge and ran it under the gas tank.
I then fastened it in place with some D-rings and it worked like a charm!
It feels so good to have a working mower once again!


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea.. hope it keeps working for several more years.

Ann said...

You're so inventive!!

Helen said...

What a relief for you I'm sure. Especially to keep those snakes back. Any rattlers in your area?

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