Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Peachy Bounty

My week long peach harvest is coming to an end. Along with many, many jars of peaches, preserves and jelly I also have many, many quart bags of peaches in the freezer.We have one tree left to be harvested but the peaches are not ready yet and I have several container of peach juice in the freezer to be used for jelly or syrup when I have extra time to work with it.


Packrat said...


I'm nosy, but do you have a big pantry? Where do you store everything? Is this something you could post about?

Years ago my grandparents turned the chicken coop which was close to the house into a super insulated "cellar" which kept a constant temperature most of the year. When it got down in the teens or even colder, all the cellar needed was a standard light bulb to keep it warm. (Sadly, the cellar is now in really bad condition and needs to be torn down. It probably won't be replaced because no one is living at the "homestead" now.)

I have a corner in what was the rec room that I use, but the temp fluctuates too much. I really need to have a "preserve" pantry built in the basement (nice name for an old dugout cellar).

Storage is such a problem for most people.

Sorry for the long comment.

Anonymous said...

Lots of work there but you're going to enjoy it this winter

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