Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rainy Days

For the past several days we have had rain, so much rain that most people didn't even show up for the parade.
And I think most of the parade floats didn't even bother to drive the route because this was the first year there were so few floats to view.Elizabeth didn't want to miss the parade so we went prepared to get wet....and wet we got!
I felt bad for the vendors, poor people, the water was ankle deep right where they normally set up their not only did they not have very many customers but they had to deal with standing in water.
In spite of our weekend plans being cancelled I am so grateful for the rain; it has been so hot and dry, it feels so good to finally cool off a bit.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got the rain... and I know you enjoyed it even if others didn't.
I got my wish.. it held off raining here until late evening, after we all had swam and ate our fill.. then we sat and visited in the AC while it poured outside.

Helen said...

We had a nice 4th here. I had a chance to hang with my church group and watch fireworks, but opted to just stay home, and enjoy the pool. It was a nice and relaxing choice!

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