Friday, July 2, 2010

My Little Jeannie

Elizabeth had been wanting me to make her an I Dream of Jeannie costume. A recent invitation to a dress-up Birthday Party was a good incentive for me to stop putting it off.
I made the costume with a heavy satin fabric, a sheer lightweight fabric and gold trim. The pink fabric hanging under Elizabeth's chin is suppose to drape over her shoulders but it kept falling forward.
I love the side view, you can tell from this angle just what the costume is. The headpiece is held in place with a piece of elastic that runs under her chin. I used gold trim around the headpiece, the top and bottom of the blouse and the waist area of the pants.
Elizabeth loves her costume and now wears it around the house.


Ann said...


TKD mom to Five said...

LOVE It...!!

Anonymous said...

Cute!! You did a great job.

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