Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fiesta Dip

My sister always makes this dip when we visit. It's good for a meal or a snack and the recipe makes enough to feed a crowd.

Begin with Velveeta Cheese, any brand works.
2 Cans refried beans;
1 pound or more seasoned taco meat;
1 jar salsa, homemade or store purchased.
Begin by pouring the salsa into a large pot and adding the Velveeta cheese; be sure to cube the cheese so it will melt faster. Stir to keep from sticking.To the cheese and salsa add the refried beans; stir to blend.
Now add the taco meat and stir to blend once again.
I like to continue heating this on low so the flavors will blend well; or you can put it in a crock pot.
Serve with your favorite taco chips.
This recipe makes a generous amount and perfect for company or a party!


Anonymous said...

A real crowd pleaser.. I've taken it for our new years party and there is never any left.

Edie Mindell said...

Hi. My kids love all kinds of dips, and I think this recipe will get them craving for more.:-) Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try this out.:-)

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