Monday, September 13, 2010

Elizabeth's Closet

Today I will be working in here.How can a sweet little girl make such a mess?!
Hopefully I will have it completed today;
But I'm not holding my breath!
And hopefully I will be taking a lot of it to the Goodwill so it can clutter another sweet little girl's closet.


Packrat said...

Looks normal to me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Have you consider giving these items to someone in your home schooling system?
Do you know about Freecycle? That is where you list stuff to give away for free and also ask for something that you need for free - as in a lawnmower.
People ask for all sorts of stuff, as in a bed, weedeater, lawnmower, furniture,dogs, cats, clothes,etc. They receive and they give it away. Better than going out to the curb or the landfil. Go to and sign up. It is also entertaining.
Also, Goodwill Industries is a private for profit organization.Do you have a local Hospice org. or a mission to donate to that really helps people in need? Just a thought or two for your consideration.

Helen Ruth said...

Actually her closet looks better than Pamela's room! :)

Anonymous said...

So did you get er clean? LOL

Anonymous said...

Help. Has anybody seen Patty? She has been lost in this closet since Sept 13., perhaps she took the ice tea with her. Where is she? What has she been doing? We miss the daily posts?

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