Sunday, September 12, 2010

Like Mother Like Daughter

Today I was hot and thirsty and needed a "big" glass of ice tea. A normal size glass just wouldn't do so I grabbed a wide mouth canning jar.When Elizabeth saw this she just had to have one too;
So she grabbed a small wide mouth jelly jar, only she doesn't like ice in her tea.


Packrat said...

Don't canning jars make the best glasses?

Ann said...

When I was young, I had a great aunt who had lots of kids and could never keep glasses, so they washed jars, Jelly jars, peanutbutter jars, or any other jars that food came in and that's what they used as drinking glasses! I always thought it was neat. Now I know lots of people who use canning jars for the same reason you's nice and BIG!

Helen Ruth said...

I like those type of glasses. By the way, the dollar store has some really neat/thick drinking COKE glasses for sale on the shelves. I love mine! I might blog on them.

Anonymous said...

Apparently like grandmother too LOL
BTW Aunt Sylvia use to wash out veggie cans for the kids to drink from.

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