Saturday, October 9, 2010

King Quilt pt. 12

Once I had the "stitch in the ditch" completed I needed to decide how I wanted to do the quilting. I was tempted to stitch a big "X" in each square so I could finish quickly but after all the time spent on making the blocks I wanted to do the quilting properly. So after much thought I decided to do a stipple/meandering stitch and boy am I glad I decided not the go the "lazy" way; the texture of the quilt feels wonderful and each time I complete a block I get excited about how nice the quilt is turning out.
As I work on the quilt there are 2-needed necessities; one being my quilter's gloves. These gloves really make a big difference when moving the quilt under the needle/foot of my machine. I have pretty much wore out the rubber dots on these glove and will need to replace these with a new pair by the time I have finished the king quilt.
And my second necessity is a pair of reading glasses. It seems the older I get the more I have been relying on them.
If I continue at my present pace I may have the quilting completed later next week and ready for the binding. Hummm, this may be a dream but then again setting goals really makes a difference in helping accomplish projects.


Helen Ruth said...

Did u pick up those reading glasses at the store. I'm afraid I may need to start using them when I sew too! Having a harder time threading (seeing) my needle!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those glasses are a hoot LOL retro for sure

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