Monday, May 2, 2011

Ham Steaks

Each year, during Easter, the stores run ham on sale at a really good price. This year the lowest price I found was 87-cents per pound.
Compared to the regular price of $2.37 per pound; I got a great deal. The day I went to get a ham the store was sold out. But this was okay since I was able to get a rain check. My family loves to eat bacon and eggs; but with prices on the rise bacon is getting a little too high. So, this year I had my ham cut into steaks. (The meat department will do this for free).
These ham steaks freeze well.

I like to separate them with sheets of wax paper;
And place them in a gallon size zip lock bag.
The very end of the ham is also placed in the freezer for when I want to make a pot of beans.

Locally a prepackaged ham steak sells for well over 2-dollars per pound and I have seen it over 3-per pound. The cheapest bacon I can buy, when not on sale, is $2.50 for a 12-ounce package. So stocking up on ham steaks will save a lot of money over the next several months. And, fried ham steak with eggs is out of this world!


Anonymous said...

Nice looking ham steaks.. I bought some bacon at SaveAlot over the weekend and was very disappointed in how tasteless it was.. reminded me of plain pork fat sliced and it wasn't cheap either.

Packrat said...

What a great idea! I've purchased ham on sale and frozen it whole or in chunks, the bone, and/or the bits and pieces for soup and ham and beans, but never thought to have the butcher cut steaks. Ham steaks here are incredibly expensive so we never ever buy them.

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