Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weeds Be Gone

The orchard has been in a very sad state this spring, but thankfully I have been able to slowly mow down the weeds.It's amazing how nice an area looks when you spend time working it.

I love how the trees really stand out when the weeds are short.

The job can be overwhelming so I like to cut out paths and small areas when I first begin.

It feels like I am accomplishing a lot when I focus on mowing just small areas.

When I finally past the half way mark the orchard once again began looking like a park.

I still lack two small areas;

But it's almost all finish; mowing dried weeds is hard work.

As I have been doing all this mowing I began thinking about the deer family we purchase sometime back; they turned out to be a disappointment.

They were cheaply made and have been steadily breaking. We only have one left from the bunch.

Oh well, next time I'll know better than to buy yard art from a man selling on the side of the road.


Enid said...

It looks amazing Patty...I had been working too!!

Packrat said...

If you are doing all this with a push lawn mower, WoW! That is so much work. No wonder you break it up; otherwise it would be completely overwhelming.

It's too bad about the ornamental deer. I could ship down some real ones, but they'd eat everything *but* the weeds. Same with goats.

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