Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garden Progress

My garden is still producing but it's quickly being taken over by weeds.I have begun removing my green bean plants and tossing them into the chicken yard.

My tomatoes are still blooming and I have been discovering more and more tomatoes;

Not only in the middle of the plants but on the ground as well.

It looks like we will have a nice tomato crop after all.

So far I have two watermelons growing well. One is on the outside of the fence and I am hoping the rabbits do not start eating it.

The cantaloupes are small so I have no idea how many of them may be hiding under the leaves.

I have given up on my carrots having any flavor and have begun pulling them up and tossing them into the chicken yard.

The cucumber plants are slowly dying. It still amazes me how many cucumbers we got this year.

The bell peppers are big and ready to be picked. I plan to make stuffed peppers very soon.

An oh my, the jalapeno peppers are so plentiful. I will be canning these very very soon.

I am still amazed how well my garden did this year, especially since we had very little rain and many many days with temperatures over 100-degrees.


Packrat said...

Your plants and produce look great. It is weird how one year can seem to be perfect for a garden, yet nothing produces. Another year we think that the plants will be too stressed, yet they florish.

Anonymous said...

sure looks nice for the hot weather you guys have

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