Monday, October 24, 2011

Crock Pot Apple Sauce

Elizabeth and I visited a new to us apple orchard last week.While walking under the trees not only did we find sweet delicious apples...

But we spotted plastic snakes, used to scare off birds. My heart skipped a beat or two when we first spotted them, from a distance the snakes appear real.

We gathered 11-pounds of apples, which fit nicely in my large crock bowl. After eating several apples I began pondering what to make with the majority of our sweet bounty; and settled on apple sauce using the crock pot.

My handy apple peeler really saves times. The apples are not only peeled but sliced and cored at the same time.

The apples were placed in the crock pot with a little apple cider, also from the apple orchard, instead of water. And set on low to cook all night.

The next morning the apples were very tender. I used a potato masher to blend them instead of a food mill; so glad I did, chunky apple sauce is amazing!

Apple cake is the next item on my list, providing we don't eat up all the apples before I get around to baking.


Anonymous said...

Oh but that looks so good... and earlier was looking at an apple cake recipe and wondering if I wanted to make one :)

Helen Ruth said...

Love that apple slicer! And that pot of apple rings was so pretty, hated to see it mashed. Boy that snake had me going!!! How funny it was fake. Now I wish I had a fake snake to hang from trees to see people's reactions!!!

Packrat said...

Yummy - fresh applesauce. That would probably get eaten up before it got canned. Fresh apple cake sounds so good. Haven't made it in years. (That snake gave my heart a few flutters, too!)

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