Thursday, October 20, 2011

To Sew and Sew and Sew

For the past several weeks I have been busy in the sewing room.
Making satin party dresses.

Each dress has numerous satin ribbon flowers stitched on by hand.

Fifteen dresses in all.

This dress is my favorite.

Who are the dresses for, you ask? They are a gift for 15 little girls who love the American Girl Doll.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful dresses!! and I love your new blog pic of the hen and chicks..

Belinda said...

ME TOO!!! Your new blog header is FANTASTIC!! I'm assuming you took the photo!!

Sweet little dresses, I like the white ones too!! I used to make doll clothes too once upon a time!!!
Lucky little girls!!!

Helen Ruth said...

I too LOVE that chicken photo and chicks!!! Those are some lucky girls getting all those pretty dresses. It's still a surprise, right? Let us know how it goes when you hand them out.

Packrat said...

The dresses are darling. Yes, lucky little girls.

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