Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bed Pillow Tutorial

Today I made myself a new bed pillow. I began with a piece of scrap fabric similar to ticking.The fabric was folded in half and cut into a rectangle measuring 20" x 25".
Next I added a serged finish to one of the 20" edges on each layer of fabric.

After serging I laid both rectangles together and began stitching about 2-inches from one corner working my way around; be sure to leave a very large opening on the serged side of the rectangle.

Now it's time for the batting. I like to use my scraps for smalls projects and find it's very easy to stitch scraps together with a large zig zag stitch.

The zig zag isn't pretty but it will never be seen.

Now lay your batting on each side of your pillow rectangle.

Pin in place so the batting doesn't shift when you begin sewing.

Slowly trim any excess batting from the edge; be sure not to cut into your fabric.

I like setting my machine to a large zig zag and stitching around the entire edge leaving the opening untouched.

Now it's time to turn the pillow; here is where you appreciate having the large opening.

It's easy to reach in and gently push the corners out with your fingers.

Now it's time for the stuffing. I like to buy my stuffing at Jo Ann's when they offer a 50-off coupon. It comes in a 5-pound box and lasts a long time.

When you first begin adding the stuffing fill in at the back corners and work you way to the front. Be sure not to get the stuffing in between the fabric and batting, it needs to go in between both layer of batting.

The batting helps your pillow hold it's shape and also gives a little extra padding.

Now it's time to pin the opening. I like to tuck the batting out of the way and fold the fabric just a little; stitch close to the edge with your machine. I only stitch by hand if the pillow is to be used on a couch or chair.

And here is my new fluffy bed pillow made from scraps.

It fits perfectly into a standard pillow slip.

Elizabeth loves my new pillow so much she has requested a new pillow for her bed so I guess I best get busy and make another one!


Anonymous said...

Good job Patty

SchneiderPeeps said...

What a great idea to put the batting in! I bought everyone new pillows right before we moved into the house (just a few months ago) and the ones I bought for the children are already flat. I've been thinking about how to remedy that and I think I've found the answer.

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