Friday, June 1, 2012

Corn Season

Today I stumbled upon a great deal on corn; 10 for 1-dollar.
I purchased 40 ears, each one as perfect as this one. 
 Each ear was washed and cut in half.
 I cooked several batches in my pressure cooker; 5 minutes at 15-pounds.
 I had a lot of corn to cook.
 Here is the first batch steaming hot.
And here it is cooling down. Elizabeth was eating it as fast as I was cooking it. 
 All bagged up and ready for the freezer.
What fun it was to process all this corn and we still have more in the fridge for later.

1 comment:

SchneiderPeeps said...

How every cool. I'm hoping to find that kind of a deal soon. Last year there's was some local corn that was 10 for $1. I have a few years that I bought to try to can and see if it is worth buying a whole bunch to can. Otherwise we'll just freeze them.

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