Monday, July 23, 2012

A Mosaic Stained Glass Hobby

 After seeing how much Elizabeth enjoyed learning about Mosaic Stained Glass I wanted to get her set up in this new hobby without going broke.
Hobby Lobby offers everything needed but even with a 40-percent off coupon it was going to be expensive building up a stash of glass.
 So I began searching Craig's List.
 And boy did I find a great bargain.
 A large assortment of glass in beautiful colors.
 And in all sizes.
Some of the glass still had price tags. 
 The highest price was $27 dollars!
 Included with the glass assortment was this very nice glass grinder; it alone sells for over $150.
All this for the bargain price of $80-bucks!


Anonymous said...

Wow that WAS a bargain..

SchneiderPeeps said...

What a great deal! It's so fun when we can find the things our kids enjoy for their hobbies. I bet she'll make all kinds of beautiful things with it.

Packrat said...

Wow! That was really a good bargain. I hope Elizabeth has a great time creating.

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