Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Housewarming Gift

I recently received a package filled with handmade goodies from my mom.
Inside was this cute little dress that fits over a dish soap bottle; it's also a dishcloth. 
 I also received this other dress to be hung on the handle of my fridge or stove.
 Here is another dishcloth I received.
And still another. I love the little butterfly design. My mom can do anything! 
 And I also received a hot pad. I still have other hot pads my mom made and I use them often.
 Plus, along with my kitchen items I received a pair of homemade socks! 
 Elizabeth and I are both wanting the socks; but since they fit my foot and her foot it's hard to decide which one of us will end up keeping them.
Hum, maybe grandma will make her granddaughter a pair? Just kidding mom, Elizabeth still has the pink pair you made her. Thanks mom, I love my gifts!


SchneiderPeeps said...

What wonderful gifts. That's super sweet of your mom.

Packrat said...

Nothing like getting a present from Mom!

cassiepeakie said...

I really, really want the pattern for that dress that fits over the dish soap!

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