Friday, July 13, 2012

Art Camp

This week Elizabeth attended Art Camp.
My goal for Elizabeth was for her to learn how to do Mosaic Stain Glass. Pat built her a rough miniature window from a 2x4 and a sheet of clear glass. 
 Elizabeth's teacher had us find an outline of a picture to be used on her project; we decided on a rooster.
 What I loved most about this camp was the teacher. She had the kids doing all the work themselves which included cutting glass!
Glass cutting is simple and easy with the proper tools. The kids had fun digging in the many boxes of broken glass searching for just the right color.
 When the grout was add the project instantly transformed into a beautiful stain glass window.
 Elizabeth chose Barn Red for the frame.
 Here is the finished project. I must say I am so proud and very excited about everything Elizabeth learned during this week.
The art camp was worth every penny we paid. What an experience this week was; I'm excited for Elizabeth to begin another art piece. 


Anonymous said...

it's beautiful!! she did an amazing job and I can't wait to see her next project.

Rachel E. said...

That looks absolutely fun and amazing! What a memory!

Helen Ruth said...

That is so beautiful. Makes me want to take a course like this too. So glad Elizabeth had a chance to learn something different, and good for that teacher in letting the students really be students!

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