Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Small Attempt at Decorating

 I am so not a decorator. Never have been and never will be.
In our old house I used quilts to help hide ugly wall and really liked how they transformed the rooms. So, in our temporary house, which has no ugly wall, I wanted to continue hanging my quilts.
In my sewing room/guest room, above the bed, was a big open wall that needed some color.
 So I hung my favorite quilt, my photo memory quilt. This quilt consists of pictures from my grandma's photo album. I really love this quilt!
The quilt looks very nice on the wall but now it looks like I will be needing to find a different corner for my sewing stash.


Rachel E. said...

Baby steps work best. The quilt looks nice up there. Maybe the Ikea shelf with baskets or bins would work in the corner?

SchneiderPeeps said...

I love the quilt! My sister made one for her mother in law last year. I hinted very strongly that I would like a gift so amazing also.

Helen Ruth said...

Best quilt ever! The memory quilt is hanging in my diningroom!

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