Monday, July 16, 2012

A Small Attempt at Decorating pt. 2

After spending some time just sitting and looking at the quilt above the bed I decided it wasn't what I wanted after all;
  So I ended up rearranging the room a bit.
Now I need to find another quilt to hang on this wall!
And, I so need to make some pretty pillow slips for the guest bed. Something that will match the quilt. 


Rachel E. said...

You'll get it. I do the same thing. I fix it and decide I don't like it. I guess the perfectionist in me can cause trouble.

Pat aka Posh said...

Looks real nice Patty

SchneiderPeeps said...

Patty, I'm so impressed that you're making your temporary home so "homey". About 4 years ago we sold a house and moved into a rental that we knew we weren't going to stay in. We ended up being there about a year. But at some point a good friend told me I needed to hang my pictures. It really helped - it made it feel a little more homey and less like a storage unit.

Helen Ruth said...

Love the room. Still looks cozy even with all the boxes.

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