Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bread Making

 When I make bread typically I bake it in a traditional glass pan or a long narrow metal pan. The narrow pan makes a loaf similar to store bread which works well when slicing for sandwiches.
However, lately I have been wanting a new pan and thought a traditional pan that was a little longer in length would be nice.
 So today I visited a local kitchen specialty store and found just what I was looking for. It was a whopping $15 bucks but I do bake a lot of bread so I figured $15 would be a good investment.
 My favorite part of the pan are the ends; I love how the metal folds over.
Of course I just had to try out my new pan to make sure I liked it.
And I am very pleased with how it worked.


Rachel E. said...

I use a traditional loaf pan for my bread. I occasionally use a round pan for a different look.

SchneiderPeeps said...

I like that pan. It looks like a great size for sandwiches. I usually just a glass loaf pan.

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