Monday, November 19, 2012

Giving Unexpected Gifts

 Last week I saw and fell in love with the cutest piggy fabric. 
I thought it would make a fun gift and promptly went to the store for a coordinating kitchen towel. 
 A quick internet search for a printable template (found here); so I didn't have to create my own.
 And quick as a flash I had a towel made and ready to give as a gift.
 I was so happy with the end results.
After the towel was made I began thinking it would go well with a piggy egg beater I had seen earlier this year at a kitchen store.
 Now all that was left was wrapping up the gift. Instead of hunting for a box I decided to use a fabric bag instead.
Not only was the gift completely unexpected but the bag was a big hit as well!


Rachel E. said...

Very cute!

SchneiderPeeps said...

I love that! I've been thinking of giving my sister in law some coordinating kitchen towels and hot pads. I think I'll use that template.

Can I link this up to the home and garden section of my Handmade Christmas 2012 series?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Packrat said...

How fun! It is so neat that you found a whisk and fabric to match. :)
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.

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