Monday, April 22, 2013

Canning Chicken pt 2

 I have had my first disappointment with Tattler Lids; 3 of my 5 jars of chicken didn't seal. After a quick internet search I have learned that the wide mouth jar lids tend to not seal as well as the regular mouth jar lids.
I'm not sure if this is correct or not but when I canned my broth my success rate was better.
Out of 14 jars of broth, that were canned using the regular mouth jar lids, only 1 jar did not seal.
According to what I read on the internet people don't have the same problem when using the hot water bath process, only when pressure canning. I plan to keep a record of my failed jars and start comparing.


Angi Schneider said...

I'll be interested in what you discover when you keep track. I just bought several hundred of each size so that will help me determine what to use when I can. Were you able to catch it early enough to salvage the chicken?

Packrat said...

That is good to know about these lids, though I have not yet seen them in any stores around here. Glad you had better success with the broth. (Me can? Hahaha I used to, but I've gotten so lazy.)

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