Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Yard Work

 At one time we had 4 enormous trees that filled the sky and helped block some of the winds we often get in our area. Sadly 3 of these trees had died sometime back.
One morning we looked out and noticed the wind had blown over one of the dead trees. This scared me a little because these trees are what held up my clotheslines and I was afraid another one would fall at anytime.
Pat cut the tops of the other two trees and secured one, that was leaning over, so I could keep my clothesline and not worry about a tree falling on me.
 All the branches from the trees were cut off the trunks and piled up for future bonfires. The trunks have been rolled to the side for a future project.
While the dead trees were on the ground Elizabeth had a good time playing on them; but I'm happy to have them out of the way so we can now water and mow the grass.


Rachel E. said...

We just recently had a very large oak tree cut down. I didn't want it to fall onto newer trees. It leaned away from the house which was a good thing, but the fact it leaned left me uneasy. When it was cut down, the middle had been hollowed out by bugs. We think they were wood ants.

Glad to hear you can mow your lawn now.

Packrat said...

Leaning and falling trees are really scary. Glad they are down, now. Maybe you can start a wind break of bushes.

Angi Schneider said...

We have so many big trees. My husband has been slowing cutting one down that near the house and chipping it so I can put the wood chips in the garden walkways. It a time consuming job but he actually enjoys it.

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