Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crock Pot Meal

 Until recently I pretty much only used my crock pot for beans or homemade broth. Thanks to my mom, who uses kitchen gadgets more than anyone I know, I am now using my crock pot more often and loving it more than ever. 
For a recent meal I seared some port rib tidbits in oil and seasoned them with garlic powder and salt. These were placed in my crock pot with barbecue sauce added to the top of the meat.
Next I topped the meat with foil covered potatoes.
After cooking on high 5 hours the meat was falling off the bones and the potatoes were moist and fork tender. This works using the low setting as well.
 When it was time to eat I simply added a salad and a homemade cheese roll; it was a feast fit for a king.
And the best part? Once you fill up the crock pot you don't have to worry about "What's for Dinner" the rest of the day!

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