Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Attempt at making a Seat Cover

Growing up I remember my grandma recovering the seats in her car. And I remember my mom recovering our living room couch. So when the cracks in my van seat began growing, and the foam became visible, I decided to take a deep breath and make my own seat cover. If mom and grandma could do it, then so could I.
I decided to quilt the cover so it would be thick and stout. The first layer was denim, then quilt batting and for the top layer I used a soft grey upholstery type fabric. For the actual quilting straight lines were used; this type of quilting feels wonderful and is quit heavy duty.
 The outer overhang was doubled and elastic inserted to help the cover fit snug.
Once the cover was on the seat I was very pleased with how well it fit.
The elastic worked very well keeping the overhang snug against the lower section of the seat.
 I added ties to several areas so the cushion wouldn't shift too much while getting in and out of the van.
Now that the bottom of my seat is finished I plan to make another cover for the top section. It was a little hard to begin this project, since I had never tried making a seat cover, but I'm glad I didn't let my fear and doubt stop me.

1 comment:

Angi Schneider said...

Great job! I bet it's so much more comfy. I'll probably have to do this in the near future. Our van is 10 years old and it's a 12 passenger. I'd really like to keep it at least another 5, so we're just fixing things as they need to be fixed.

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