Monday, October 14, 2013

Canning Celery

 With little harvest from my garden this year I decided to focus on canning an assortment of convenience foods. First up, celery.
 I started with 4 extra large stalks that were 99-cents each.
 All the leaves and unsightly pieces were bagged and put in the freezer to be used in November when I make turkey broth.
 When I make soup I like to cut my celery in small bite size pieces; so for canning I did the same.
 Once all the pieces were cut and ready I dumped them into a pot of hot water which was then boiled for 3 minutes.
 My canning book states to pressure can celery at 10-pounds for 30 minutes.
4 extra large celery stalks produced 14 pints of celery. These will be used in soups this winter.

1 comment:

GertyGoose said...

Hi.. I was wondering what canning book you have I wanna get one too! This is awesome I just bought 20 bunches @.48 a piece ;) I see a sea of celery ! Lolol anyway thank you an I really would like to get your canning book if you wouldn't care to pass along the title. None of mine had celery in it :-\

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