Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sewing With Wool Fabric

For as long as I can remember I have loved sewing. However, the one thing that can freak me out with sewing is when I'm sewing for someone else.
Recently Pat's aunt asked me to help her finish up a few sewing projects; the last item being a pair of wool slacks.
I was somewhat stressed while sewing in the zipper.
 If the zipper doesn't go in properly it can make a big difference in how your garment looks. Thankfully it turned out very nice;
 Both the outside and the inside.
The slacks were fully lined; it had been years since I worked with a lining while sewing up a garment.
 The waistband had partial elastic which was new to me; but was actually very simple to add.
 The easiest part, aside from cutting out the fabric, were the pockets; I especially liked having the pockets made from the lining fabric.
Sewing for others forces me to leave my comfort level but always ends good because I tend to learn something new.
What did I learn this time?
Sewing with quality fabrics, such as wool, makes a huge difference in your finished garment.

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