Saturday, October 26, 2013

Indian Girl

 This year for Halloween Elizabeth wanted to be an Indian Girl. I found a cute embroidered fabric at Jo Ann's for the dress. For the pattern I used a bible character costume and added a fringe to the top and bottom.
To hold her candy Elizabeth asked me to make a matching purse. It's a simple drawstring bag with a fringe on one side;
And a star on the other side.
 I even made some fabric shoes to go with the dress; the shoes were so simple to make I'm thinking about making some for me to use as house slippers.
 So glad Elizabeth still enjoys dressing up.
Today Elizabeth told me I was the best "sewer" :O)


Patricia Tow said...

The outfit turned out adorable and Elizabeth is right, you ARE the best "sewer" :-)
care to share that slipper pattern?

Angi Schneider said...

I love this. I bet she's so excited. It's nice that she still wants to dress up. My kids still like dressing up - they call it drama - but it really is just playing dress up.

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