Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Smoked Brisket

We love grilled meat, especially smoked brisket.
By careful planning it's very possible to stretch this meat into several meals.
After eating on the meat the first night I then refrigerate the leftover brisket overnight. Once chilled I cut the brisket into manageable hunks.
Sometimes I slice the meat with just a sharp knife but this time I used a food slicer;
 Purchased for $3 buck at an estate sale.
By slicing the meat into thin strips we are able to make it stretch into more meals.
 One brisket makes a lot of slices!
After separating the slices there were enough for 5-meals; plus I still had extra slices in the fridge to be eaten as leftovers.
 All the irregular slices of meat are gathered together;
And cut into cubes for barbecue sandwiches.
I paid just over $15 for a 10-pound brisket. We've eaten on it 3-times plus the 5 meal size portions that are in the freezer. This makes a total of 8 meals from one brisket!

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