Monday, July 21, 2014

My 2013 Quilt Club Quilt

The quilt is finally finished!
I came close to giving up so many times, but now that it's finished I'm so glad I kept on going.
The quilt as you go method was more time consuming than expected.
Plus, it took more fabric than I expected so I ended up having to use a second fabric of a different print. Thankfully the other fabric worked out just fine.
 Elizabeth had her heart set on this quilt from the beginning. She knew I was making it for her and she was so in love with all the purple being used! It was her excitement that kept me going.
I used two layers of batting in this quilt; which of course doubled my cost. However, it added so much weight to the quilt that I'm planning to start using two layers from now on.
Oh how I'm so glad I finished this mammoth job. It was so much work. Each time I look at the quilt on Elizabeth's bed I smile and tell myself it was worth all the stress and time spent on every stitch.

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