Monday, May 2, 2016


There is no doubt in my mind that my husband is one of the most creative people I know.
In October of last year, my beloved Chamber Stove was hauled to Ft. Worth to have a small gas leak fixed and to have the inside refurbished. 
This job took until February of this year; imagine living without a stove for 5-months.
 When the stove was delivered I began to wonder how I would keep it looking new; especially the top, which had been newly polished.
 When I use my canner, an All American brand, it sits past the burner grate and forms a brown heat ring, which I think is basically gas residue. This brown stain can only be removed with a good scrubbing; which scratches the stove top.
 In order to solve this problem my husband decided to make me a new, and bigger, burner grate.
Now my canner sits up high allowing air to flow under and around the bottom.
When I tested the new burner grate, it worked beautifully. No brown heat ring formed and my canner heated up with no problems; I was worried it might be too far from the flame to build up heat and pressure.
It feels wonder to have my stove back and it feels amazing to be canning once again!

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Rachel E. said...

How old is your stove? It is nice to have a handyman around.

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