Friday, August 7, 2009

Grocery Store Deal

One of our local grocery stores has been running weekly deals to bring in customers. The deal looks something like this;
Buy this brisket and get the baking potatoes, salad and peach pie for free.
I have never taken advantage of these deals because the meat you have to buy is usually too expensive. However, today I was able to take advantage of this weeks deal by accident.
Each time I go to a grocery store I look at the marked down meat. Today I found ground beef marked down from $2.49 a pound to $1.49 a pound; so I picked up 3 packages.
When I was at the check out lane the cashier told me the store was offering free items with the purchase of 2-pounds ground beef. I promptly told my cashier the meat was marked down and I didn't think it would work with that weeks deal. However, the cashier assured me I still qualified for the deal.
So, I received cheese, tortillas, re-fried beans, taco seasoning and sour cream....all for free!


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool huh?

Ann said...


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