Saturday, February 6, 2010

Planning and Planting

After the nice garden success we had last year I am anxious to plan ahead and make sure to ask lots of questions so we can do even better this year. I visited the local county extension office and obtained a sheet that shows the dates for planting vegetables in my area and I also stopped by the farm store to talk and ask questions.
Last year, after the garden season was over, we purchased a small portable tiller that attaches to our weed eater. It worked wonderfully for a few hours and then sadly a bearing or gear broke. Before the tiller trouble we managed to prepare the ground for planting carrots, radishes and garlic. All the snow and rain we have had this winter has made the ground very moist and very easy to work!
This is my first time to plant garlic and I am anxious to see how it looks as it grows.
I purchased three varieties of potatoes for planting this year; red, white and yellow. After these dry out for a few day they will be planted next.
The only item I forgot to buy was onions and hopefully I will get them next week. It sure feels good to be thinking about the garden once again.


Packrat said...

You will enjoy growing your own garlic. Why it is so expensive in the grocery store, I have no idea. Almost make me want to plant a garden. (I usually do a few containers).

The rototiller breaking is a bummer.

Spring. Sometimes not here until May. (At home we have to cover everything until the middle of June where it really goes from winter to summer within 2 days.) However, in the protected areas the iris are up about 6 inches and there are tiny green buds on one of the lilac bushes. I even heard a song bird this morning.

Anonymous said...

I understand Troybilt garden tillers are the best with fewer brake-downs and last for years. First thing in my young life at about age 5 was to plant a shrived up clove of garlic my grandmother gave me from her trunk. Took my little finger, poked a hole in ground and planted garlic; it grew and mutipled many times over. Garlic likes soil on the dry side.
Garden hint for today: when buying green onions in the store, leave about a half inch of the onion on the root end, plant in soil and grow more onions.

Enid said...

where do you got your potstoes!?

Helen Ruth said...

Your soil looks really good. Right now, my backyard looks like a mud pit. Rain, rain, and more rain! We begged and pleaded for it, due to the drought, and now we're getting it! I can't start on my garden till we get back at the end of March. We're going to be gone too long to start one now. Maybe I'll see if I can get Alan to check on them and get some flowers going...

Anonymous said...

I'm already thinking garden myself.. as soon as we get back from vacation I need to get my peppers and tomatoes started.. I won't be planting any potatoes but if I were,it would be next month for my area.. spring will be here before we know it.. and I'm ready

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I'm so ready to plant something. Wonder if I could dig under all this snow and stick something in the ground? Lol. I love fresh garlic - and it keeps forever.

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