Wednesday, October 6, 2010

King Quilt pt. 11

The quilting has begun. To start with, because of the size, I am using my walking foot to stitch in the ditch around each block.
I can already tell this quilt is going to be a challenge.
It's so big and bulky I may regret trying to quilt this myself.


belinda said...

Wow Patty...I have been thinking about you lately...wondering if you had this quilt ready to be finished! Soooo great for Martel to let you 'sandwich' your quilt in their extra room....that makes VERY big brownie points with me!!!
I have found that quilting on my machine works a 'number' on my shoulders and arms...well, mainly my shoulders. You just have to wrestle it so! Good work girl....I'll be cheering you on!!!

Helen Ruth said...

That looks like a job and a half to stitch by machine, trying to crimp and slide it through the foot.. I'm more of a HAND STITCHER, but you can only imagine how long THAT would take!

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